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Sinon Bonjour les gens, et Bonne année 2017.

Ça fait un bout de temps je suis pas passé par ici. Et ma résolution pour la nouvelle année a été retardée par le fait que j’étais sans ordinateur pendant un bout de temps. Bref, ne ressassons pas le passé et concentrons nous sur ce qui me ramène sur vos écrans.

Netflix’s « Santa Clarita Diet » est une comédie d’horreur qui raconte les aventures d’un couple d’agents immobiliers alors qu’ils essaient tant bien que mal de gérer le fait que Sheila, la femme, soit devenu un zombie (terme péjoratif je sais) sans aucune explication pertinente. Le couple a une fille de 16 qui se retrouve très vite embarquée dans les aventures de ses parents plus que communs, et de leurs efforts a maintenir un semblant de vie normal : entre les meurtres, la deterioration du corps de Sheila et le tourment émotionnel…

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C’est reparti pour un tour

Posted: September 5, 2016 in Chronicle

Has anything changed in 3 years?


                               Ce lundi 2 septembre sur le territoire de ma chère patrie et « chère » chérie le Cameroun a eu lieu la rentrée scolaire de l’année 2013-2014. L’occasion d’éveiller en moi 3 sentiments : nostalgie,  joie et frustration.

                         Nostalgie parce qu’entre nous les années lycées restent les plus belles années de toute notre vie. On s’y fait la plupart de nos amis pour la vie. On est aussi protégé de la dure réalité du monde extérieur. Quand je regarde tous ces enfants désireux d’enlever leur tenue scolaire le plus vite possible, je ne les comprends que trop bien, mais leur conseille quand même de vraiment en profiter car le temps passe trèèèès vite ! le simple fait de s’aligner pendant de longues heures pour retirer son relevé de notes après le BAC, ou pour s’inscrire à la fac montre déjà l’allure de ce que sera l’après lycée. Sans compter le fait qu’il faudra…

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Tv Is Just A Box dot Com

Bonjour les gens… même ceux qui ne…. oh wait 😅…. that’s not mine…

Hi folks. Been away for so long I forgot my line lol. So what’s good?

To celebrate my return I’m gonna do something I haven’t done in all my 20 sum years of watching Anime, and that is write about it. Specifically I’m gonna be doing a ranking of my favorite Anime throughout this summer season. In case you didn’t know, every season a new crop of Anime is introduced to the masses, and it is our job to watch and appreciate (or not). I was actually going to start this from Spring season but “stuff” happened and I didn’t. Anyway I’m doing it now so yeah.

Before I get started I’d like to mention that this “ranking” is purely subjective and shouldn’t be taken for gospel  (then again I’ve been watching anime My whole life so…

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#NP I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – U2

This is about to be a long ass post. Leave now… or stay till the end.

4 years ago I lost my way… like Frank Ocean on the journey from  ‘Channel Orange’ to “Boys Don’t Cry”. I’ve never said that out loud. I’ve never admitted it to anyone, not even myself. Because I was ashamed. Scared. Because for the first time in my life, I failed. For the first time in over 20 years, things didn’t go my way… things over which I may or may not have had complete control, mind you.

Still. For the first time in my life, I wasn’t a victor, I wasn’t the bad ass hero of the little movie I’d been starring in for 2 decades. And it hurt. Damn did it hurt! I was lost, utterly and completely. For the first time in my life, I was just another “regular guy” (I may or may not have been slightly delusional for 20 years).

Anyway. That happened. And believe it or not  (please do thank you very much) the next couple of years just got worse. In every way imaginable. In an incessant bid to make up for that one failure I racked up an impressive list of even more cringeworthy life choices and colossal screw ups 😂 (in case you hadn’t noticed this is self-deprecating humor… I excel at that). Trying to make up for the mistake I made I only made a lot more; I think I just made “make” pretty redundant…

Forgive my rambling. Where was I? Ah yes. Struggling with a situation I didn’t understand, at a time I felt really vulnerable, I lost a handle on a few other aspects of my life that had hitherto been particularly stellar… I guess my train of thought travelled the rather steep tracks of despair and desolation… in other words, everything went to shit 😪

I struggled  (struggle) with Loneliness and Depression. Self-loathing. Jealousy and Envy. I’d be smiling on the outside  but being a gringe on the inside. I saw the world through eyes wracked with inner pain and suffering, and I projected… for a whole year I pushed people away, looking for reasons not to be loved and appreciated; I didn’t feel like I deserved any of the attention I got. I didn’t feel like I deserved the Friends I had. I didn’t feel like I deserved the love I got… and don’t even get me started on family, could write for days about that…

So I struggled. With everything and everyone. My faith included. Lord knows I did. 😅

You see though,  here’s the thing about friends and family and just generally anybody who really gives a damn about you… they don’t let up. Not by an inch, not in the least. They stick with you and you just can’t get rid of them, try as you may. So while I was busy committing social suicide and whatnot, there’s a bunch of people out there who made sure I was never really on my own… whatever it is I was going through, I somehow always had a shoulder to lean on (that’s so cliché right? 😂) yeah well that was (is) the case.

Before I knew it there was this whole support system around me… no matter how bad I tried to self-sabotage, there was always, ALWAYS someone around to put things into perspective. Gradually I was able to start healing from the hurt that had left me reeling for so long… it’s a work in progress, I’ll admit. But once I started, a lot changed. I made tough choices; exiting my comfort zone, allowing myself to hope once more. (Not trying to sound overly dramatic here 😂). I once again had something – a lot of things really –  to live for.

Mind you, I’m not saying I suddenly saw the light and attained Nirvana or any such thing. Nah. Let me reiterate – WORK IN PROGRESS. Case in point. I still haven’t found what I’m looking for… but I’ve found a lot of what I didn’t have 4 years ago, and that has helped me. That is helping me. That’s the reason for this mopey, whiney, cheesy post.

4 years ago I didn’t have the heart to accept my failure… but ‘Carry On’ by Fun saved my life (story for another day)

2 years ago while I was too scared to make the choices I needed to get out of the rut I’d buried myself in, ‘Living on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi gave me that much needed boost. (I kid you not).

So today, while listening to U2, and really, really listening to   this song for the first time in forever, I felt like I should do this… or probably the fact that I haven’t slept more than 4 hours in the last 32 hours has screwed with my usual behavioral filters and self-censorship (maybe that’s not such a bad thing).

In any case, it’s done… and yes, most of my important life choices are inspired by music. Sue me. And really, if Frank Ocean can finally find his way to ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, I have no excuse not to finally accept what I was, and what I’ve become… a guy who failed once, and is trying his hardest to move past that.

Back at it.

Tv Is Just A Box dot Com

Hey folks. Been a minute.

Last time I was here we had a look at how the TV landscape was this humongous pile of rehashed content, painted on a backdrop of incessant product placement… wait did I actually talk about that? Hum. I guess now I have to, much later though, not now. Now, I’m concerned with something I like to call the 3Rs – Reboots, Remakes and Revivals.


Yesterday the TV reboot of the Rush Hour movie franchise premiered, and while the seven year old kid in me was ecstatic, his much more jaded twenty-something year old counterpart (still me) couldn’t help but feel like maybe this was it, finally; the proverbial last straw as far as the whole Reboot/Remake/Revival affair was concerned. Those of you who’ve been paying attention to the ever-changing entertainment landscape know what I’m talking about, but just in case some of you have been…

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Tv Is Just A Box dot Com


Sinon bonjour les gens, et les autres aussi, même ceux qui ne répondent jamais.

A few weeks/months ago one news item hit the world in the most unprecedented way. Netflix was then made available to every single country in the world (more or less) and from my screen I could see people reacting to what can be argued to be a glimpse into the future. A lot of questions were asked but since they were asked mainly on Twitter, I doubt anyone answered. Today then I took upon myself to explore in a very biased way, the Future of TV Shows in Cameroon (biased because just like other Cameroonians, I am the hardest critique of my country). My probe will be a two-parter, travelling through shows both on TV and on the Internet.

I wish I could promise to be thorough in my inquisition but realistically, I might have omitted…

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Tv Is Just A Box dot Com


Pilate: Can I just say something here? Like an intro or something like that?

Reynard: No.

Pilate: Not even…

Reynard: Nope

Pilate: Okay.

Reynard: Okay so. Let’s get straight to it yeah? Yeah.

Well then, at the risk of sounding repetitive, how exactly am I supposed to watch all these shows? “Which shows?” You may ask. Well in case you hadn’t noticed, there is just too much content on US TV these days (and that’s not even counting cable TV or the online content). I kid you not. I have recently come to the realization that the amount of TV in existence is overwhelming, from scripted shows to reality shows to talk shows. It’s just too much. To give you a clearer picture of what I’m saying, throughout the fall season of 2015, over 120 new shows and seasons premiered, 47 of those during…

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My hair…

is a prisoner lost in time, looking for an identity. Stuck in a time where people regard it as an attribute meant for slaves.


It is an ugly-duckling of its generation (The so-called,”slave-hair/Bad Hair”)because to the world, “Goodhair” means curls and waves and Bad-hair means you look like a slave. 

My hair is an ‘innocent-black-representation of my DNA‘, that has to go through life unseen,unheard, and unwanted. [Because of the many stereotypes, the world has against people with nappy hair


My hair is my my gift from nature, and my last reminder of my roots, my people and my race. It is a part of me that, I usually only celebrate during black history month, even though I will like to wear it more often without having random feedback.

My hair is a prisoner yearning to be free…

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Gallery  —  Posted: November 19, 2015 in Uncategorized


Bonjour à vous premiers lecteurs !
La disposition pour écrire sur un blog, on l’imagine probablement comme ça :


Vous savez, ce cliché du rédacteur qui pose son café ? à côté du PC devant une fenêtre avec la lumière qui filtre délicatement… MES FESSES OUI !!! ? Je rédige ceci entre mes 2 oreillers, en caleçon sur mon lit. Merci aux smartphones très complets et leurs applis pratiques. Elle est bien loin l’époque où on passait la journée devant nos écrans ” gros derrière ” sur Skyblog !


En parlant de Skyblog, oui c’est devenu ringard et creux et juste encore rempli de kikoolols de 13 ans que juste les thèmes colorés amusent encore. On se rappelle qu’on y tenait tous un blog avec des assiduités très variables. Le mien était ” ” tenu de 2005 à 2009. L’idée était de parler musique, mode, premières expériences amoureuses, publier…

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